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[Have a boy of maybe six or eight years, blond locks falling over his round face, the hem of his nightgown pulled up to and reefed against his chest so he can look at what has just grown - only that you won't see it because the part of him that the camera shows ends at his belly. You might or might not catch a glimpse of it when he lets go of the fabric in favor of grabbing the device.]

They always said that I would have to wait longer for it to grow...

...Vivi! Gokudera's little friend! Have you matured, too?

[Because those two are the youngest looking people here that she knows about.]
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[The camera doesn't show anything but blue for a moment, then you see the mansion from above and a flash of something that looks like a giant dove. The camera is high up in the air, and the direction is clear. It comes from up and is headed down ...just that there is something in the way. A head, to be exact. Blond curls. The journal bounces off it and falls deeper, passing the face of a little girl that is stuck somewhere between fear, confusion, alertness and tiredness. Her eyes are hollow and smudged with purple rings, and one whole side of her face is a single bruise. And then there is only white cloth and the view of the mansion as the journal falls further and rotates.

It falls, and falls, and then you there are suddenly fingers around it and it is turned around to face the child from before. All you can see the arms that are full of burn marks and little wounds where needles have been inserted into her arms. There also is something that looks like an IV on her arm. If you look closer, you will see white feathers behind her back. Or maybe on her back.

She silently examines the journal, the little face tense, and after a few moments she switches on the audio.]

Max. Gazzy. Fang, Iggy, Nudge. Are you here?

Jeb. Was that you?


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